New poems coming up in ELJ, Dunes Review, Split Rock Review, I-70 Review, and Tule Review.

Online Reading

Lazy Eye (audio)
from Sugar House Review

Reintroducing the Wolf and Aubade Approximate April
from The Monarch Review

Picnic Day, Skin Tags, Low Tide Pigeon Point
from COG

Stier and Rein
from Dunes Review

6.9 Off Humboldt Bay
from Ascent

On Being Wakened by a Porcupine in Maine
from Fjords Review

Rice Burning
from Beloit Poetry Journal

The Art of the Drawknife
from Driftwood Press 

The Cartographer’s Hymnal
from Barrow Street


“Lazy Eye” and “A Motel in Stanley, Idaho”; Sugar House Review (Issue 16, Fall/Winter 2017)
“Interregnum”, “A Motel in Stanley, Idaho” (reprinted from Sugar House Review), and “Morning Disappearance” – Nominated for a Pushcart PrizeTule Review (2017)
“Under the Bear Flag”; Dunes Review (Summer/Fall 2017)
“Listening to Mahler While Waiting for Oroville Dam to Fail”; Connecticut River Review (2017)
“Leaving the Party”, “The Siberians”, “A Wager”; Timberline Review (issue 5, Summer/Fall 2017)
“After the Drought”; Catamaran Literary Reader (Issue 18, Summer 2017)
“The Brave Father”; Hamilton Arts & Letters (Issue 10.1)
“These My Fenestrations”; Saint Ann’s Review (Vol. 18, No. 1)
“As the Crow Flies”; Atlanta Review (Spring/Summer 2017)
“Childhood as a Series of Concussions”; Columbia Review (Spring 2017)
“In Shade Her Scars Nearly Vanish”; Columbia Poetry Review (2017)
Swimming Walden Pond”; Tar River Poetry (Spring 2017)
“Bread”; Natural Bridge (Spring 2017)
“Nothing Will Hurry Her”; The Cape Rock (Fall/Winter 2016)
Reintroducing the Wolf“; The Monarch Review (March 2017)
Aubade Approximate April“; The Monarch Review (March 2017)
“Looking Up We See More Than Is There”; Willow Springs (No. 79, Winter 2017)
“Conclave Ahead of the Storm”; Barrow Street (Winter/Spring 2017)
The Ruins After Dark“; Summerset Review (Winter 2017)
“Last Cherry”; Gold Man Review (Issue 6, 2017)
“The Long Reach”; Tule Review (2017)
“Stier”; Dunes Review (20th Anniversary Issue)
“Rein”; Dunes Review (20th Anniversary Issue)
“The Wind Up Russian Gulch”; California Quarterly (Vol. 42, No. 3) – Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
“The Fallen Bridge at Cosumnes”; California Quarterly (Vol. 42, No. 3)
“The Love of Fire”; Chariton Review (Vol. 39, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2016)
“A Wedding in Bee Country”; Chariton Review (Vol. 39, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2016)
“Picnic Day”; COG (Issue 3, Spring 2016)
“Skin Tags”; COG (Issue 3, Spring 2016)
“Low Tide, Pigeon Point”;
COG (Issue 3, Spring 2016)
“Home Sick”; december (Issue 27.1, Spring/Summer 2016)
“On the Death, by Trampling, of a Man in Modoc County”;
december (Issue 27.1, Spring/Summer 2016) – Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
“Daylight Saving”; ZYZZYVA (No. 106 Spring/Summer 2016)
“Blueprint for Coop and Run”; Crab Creek Review (Spring 2016)
“Adios Westerner Drive-In”; Arroyo Literary Review (Spring 2016)
“Pantoum of a Mild Depression”;
Arroyo Literary Review (Spring 2016)
“The Wind Apples”; Sugar House Review (Fall/Winter 2015)
“Radiolaria”; Natural Bridge (Issue 34, Fall 2015)
“Full Disclosure”; Cimarron Review (Issue 193, Fall 2015)
“Anniversary”; Dunes Review (Volume 19:2, Fall 2015) – Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
“In the Forcing House”; Catamaran Literary Reader (Volume 3.3, September 2015)
“A Pasture”; Tule Review (2015) – Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
The Art of the Drawknife“; Driftwood Press (Volume 2.3, Summer 2015)
On Being Wakened by a Porcupine in Maine“; Fjords Review Monthly Verse (Feb. 2015)
“Cape Breton Manifesto”; Harpur Palate (Volume 14.2, Winter/Spring 2015)
“Sic Transit”; Harpur Palate (Volume 14.2, Winter/Spring 2015)
“Hardpan”; The Chattahoochee Review (Voume 34.2-3, Fall/Winter 2014)
“Longlining”; The Chattahoochee Review (Voume 34.2-3, Fall/Winter 2014)
“West Through Sunflowers”; ZYZZYVA (No. 101, Fall 2014)
6.9 Off Humboldt Bay“; Ascent (May 2014) Nominated for Best of the Web
“Rice Burning”; Beloit Poetry Journal (Vol. 64 No. 4, Summer 2014)
“Elk Carry Their Hunger Into the Day”; Tar River Poetry (Vol. 53 No. 2, Spring 2014) — Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
“The Cartographer’s Hymnal”; Barrow Street (Fall 2013)
“The Cold Room”; Barrow Street (Fall 2013)
A Neighboring Field“; Poetry Now (Nov. 2013)
“Virga”; Tule Review (2001)
Sestina Near Sunset“; 2River View (5.4, Summer 2001)
The Sturgeon“; 2River View (5.4, Summer 2001)


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