Head for the Storm Cellar!

sc_v5_n2_cover_recto_15020161009Making an appearance in another generous Midwestern harbor. Here’s how they describe their approach: “We want everybody to get weird and enlightened and learn and fall in love and have superpowers. We want to surprise and delight and horrify and provoke. Storm Cellar is not a distraction but a cure for boredom.” Check them out.

Several Societies of Friends

Clockhouse Cover 2016I’m very happy to have my non-fiction piece “A Driving Tour of Quaker Graveyards” coming out in Clockhouse, an annual magazine from Goddard College. It’s a branching reminiscence of my Uncle Chuck–and all my aunts and uncles, and my own parents–going back to my grandparents and the house my cousins and I remember so fondly, deadly toys and all, and further still to the line of long-gone ancestors my grandmother tried, mostly in vain, to teach me.

Cogswell COG

COG magazIne from Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Jose is a remarkably designed multimedia extravaganza. Readings, writings, videos. And Lemony Snicket. Very big thanks to Soma Mei-Sheng Frazier and the hard-working cogs for including three of my poems in Issue 3.

december already

Looking over the Spring/Summer issue of the resurrected lit magazine december, a thing of beauty. Founded in 1958, it’s featured a lot of big names (like Raymond Carver, Donald Barthelme, and Philip Levine) and a steady diet of good reading. Congratulations and thanks to Gianna Jacobson and company for bringing this fine magazine back.

Oh yeah, I have two new poems in there.

For A Little While – stories by Rick Bass

Stories don’t get any better than these. Maybe his oil geologist background has something to do with the way so much lies under a deceptively calm surface.

Rick Bass is an American writer and an environmental activist.

Source: For A Little While